setenv R_LIBS /path/to/user/R-libraries

# setting R_LIBS will change both where R looks for lib to load and when installing libs 

library( rJava );	# see if it can load the R library named rJava (case sensitive)

Oracle connection

# The TNS_ADMIN may not matter if ORACLE_HOME has a network/admin with working conf for tns name resolution.
# ORACLE_SID is very important!  if set, the instance specifier in the dbConnect will be ignored, and db always connect to instance specified by ORACLE_SID !!

library( 'ROracle' )

# verify connected to desired db)

result=dbGetQuery(con, "select * from tab")
# perform SQL query

# see result of query (display content of variable)

result2=dbListTables( con )
# see list of tables for the connected schema

# = is likely std var assign
# <- is probably some sort of pointer assignment, pass by object reference kind of stuff ??

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