Dell DRAC and HP iLo are implementation of IPMI.
Could use embeded NIC (shared with OS)? 
Dedicated NIC provides more functionality.

when enabled, can ssh in (eg into the iDRAC port).

For iDRAC, really want Enterprise version, or else won't get remote console.
IPMI may be designed for low badnwidth, text mode stuff.  

sky4-5 has decent config, bio2 don't.  
There is likely an IPMI-only w/o iDRAC on the machine as well, eg the low end 1U box


ipmitool lan print 1	# iDRAC interface (could be shared if set so).  1 refer to channel 1, which typically only channel.
ipmitool lan set   1 ipaddr 		# set iDRAC interface IP (should be, need to verify it works)
ipmitool lan set   1 defgw ipaddr		# set default gateway

ipmitool sdr		# print environment statistics
ipmitool fru	

ipmitool sol info	# supposed to provide serial over lan info 
ipmitool shell		# get to ipmi> shell so that don't have to invoke the tool each time.  it is NOT gettingo inside iDRAC shell.

ipmitool delloem lan 	# dell specific command.  lan section set whether to use dedicated NIC or shared.
			# but seems like iDRAC is configured yet this info can still be not set.
			# so iDRAC can probably speak IPMI and interfaces with it, but it is not an instance of IPMI.  
			# if work, just tell whether dedicated or shared nic
ipmitool delloem lan set dedicated	# disable use of shared IMPI.  set once iDRAC enterprise module is installed.

ipmitool delloem powermonitor	# display power usage info

ipmitool user list 1	# list users configured to use ipmi

ipmitool chassis bootdev pxe options=persistent		# change to use pxe boot by default on every boot.
ipmitool -l lan -U root -P calvin -H chassis bootdev pxe options=persistent
		# issue the ipmi command remotely to a remote host using the remote iDRAC interface

# if IPMI isn't working, in RHEL 6, it is a kernel module that need to be started
# for machines with module:
module load shared
module load ipmitool
service ipmi start

linux has ipmi cli tools installed, so can also do:
ipmitool -H hostname -U username -P pass power 
ipmitool -H hostname -U username -P pass power status
credentials are IDRAC credentials
*should* be blade specific when hostname is iDRAC of blade even when description say chassis.  Have not been able to get it to work.

ipmitool -H 
ipmitool -H hostname -U username -P pw sol
# sol = serial over lan

ipmitool -H hostname -U username -P pw sol activate

Verify status


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